José María Montenegro Martos


Postdoctoral Researcher

Nanodiagnostics Area


tlf: +34 952 367 647


Jose Maria Montenegro received his PhD degree from the University of Málaga in 2010, under the direction of Professor Ezequiel Perez-Inestrosa and Professor Rafael Suau, with a research focused in the design of molecular logic gates based on the photophysical properties of aromatic heterocycles. During the Ph. D., he did two pre-doctoral stays in the Laboratoire de Chimie Organique et Organometallique (LCOO-CNRS-UMR 5802) of the University of Bordeaux I (2006) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Dario Bassani and in the AG Biophotonik group, of the Faculty of Physics of the University of Marburg (2010) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang J. Parak. Immediately after the defense, he joined the research group of Professor Wolfgang J. Parak, head of the AG Biophotonik group in the Philipps Universität Marburg, where he studied the synthesis, functionalization and applications of inorganic core nanoparticles, mainly metallic (Au, Ag), magnetic (CoPt, Fe2O3) and semiconductor (CdSe/ZnS, CdTe/ZnS). In 2012, he got a Senior Technician position in the University of Malaga and is simultaneously working as Associated Researcher in the research group directed by Prof. Dr. Ezequiel Pérez de Inestrosa, located in the Nanodiagnostics Area in the Bionand structure. His research is focused in the design and synthesis of new nanosensors, incorporation to nanosystems and the study of potential biological application.

    Publications of interest

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