Iván Durán Jiménez


Emerging Principal Investigator Laboratory of Precision Medicine in Musculoskeletal and Inflammatory Diseases

e-mail: info@bionand.es

Tlf : +34 952 367 600


Ivan Duran Biography

Ivan Duran work is based in a precision medicine approach to uncover mechanisms of disease and develop precision therapies for skeletal disorders and inflammation. Dr. Duran obtained my PhD in the University of Malaga, Spain. He performed two postdoctoral stays, at Cornell University and the University of California Los Angeles. During this time, Dr. Duran participated in projects investigating developmental pathologies in several models and systems. Later, as Junior Faculty at UCLA he focused in precision medicine research to develop new treatments for Bone fragility and respiratory insufficiency.

Ivan Duran is currently a professor in the Cell Biology, Genetics and Physiology department at University of Malaga using a multidisciplinary approach to study mechanistic and therapeutic strategies to human pathology based in Cellular Stress, Inflammation and Aging. His group investigates from basic aspects of disease at the molecular level to translational cutting-edge translational studies in nanomedicine in skeletal dysplasias like Osteogenesis Imperfecta as well as inflammatory diseases like COVID19.

Ivan Duran is principal investigator of several national and internationals grants, he has developed two patents and has several contracts with biotech companies and research foundations. He has authored a number of research articles in high impact journals like Science Translational Medicine, Nature Genetics, PNAS, EMBO Molecular Medicine, Nature Communications among others. In 2016 the American Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation conceded him the Geisman award for his research in bone fragility therapies. Duran´s group is part of the CIBER-BBN, the Cell Therapy Network (TerCel), IBIMA and several international research consortiums.